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Connecting you to Latin America with expertise


Logistics with Logic

We know what it takes to develop a successful logistic scheme. That's why we work to offer our clients access to reliable suppliers, respectable financial institutions and transportation companies.

We want your business to be at the top. That's why we offer a full personalized service of consulting for entrepreneurs and startups with leading strategies and, the most important, solutions.

For us, logistics is not only about bringing a product from A to B but also about service. Our task is to make it effortless for you. We can also help you to plan additional logistical activities if this can relieve you of some of your tasks. We call this logistics solutions.


By delivering a final product that would satisfy your needs, from the first item until the last


By satisfying your needs not only in the matter of delivering a successful campaign, but by making an exepcional use of resources


We want to grow with you

By being transparent, responsible, punctual and adaptive. Basically, what makes a company reliable and worth of recommendations

Give us a task, we will provide a solution.

Give us a task, we will provide a solution.

Give us a task, we will provide a solution.

Give us a task, we will provide a solution.

One of our core competences is to deliver on time. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but on the day. You can include that in your calculations or production plan – regardless of the size of your order. 

The challenges of parcel delivery in Latin America can be potentially daunting to retailers looking to expand their reach internationally. However, with the right logistics partners by your side and some careful planning, expanding into emerging markets like Latin America can be quite lucrative.

Online sales to Latin America are anticipated to increase by 19% within the next 5 years, especially in Colombia and Argentina, two of the three fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world. The future of Latin America’s international e-commerce is bright. However, before you jump into the region, it’s important to understand how shipping works to the region.

There are many considerations for international businesses who plan to sell and deliver their goods in the LatAm region. Navigating the complex regulations and customs framework is one of them.

Depending on the product and the LatAm country, the primary import duty can typically be anywhere from 10%-35%. An industrialized product tax is also added at the customs clearance. Finally, there is a third type of tax – merchandise and service circulation tax. It is imposed by the government, and it is typically included in the final price of the products paid by the customer. The tax typically hovers anywhere between 7%-18%.

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